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Who is Eartha Mae?
 What the critics say...

The Boston Globe 

“Wheeler turns in such a magnetic and self-assured performance as [Eartha] Kitt that it merits that overworked noun ‘tour de force.’’’

Broadway World 

“You don't have to know anything about Eartha Kitt to be thoroughly engaged with “Who Is Eartha Mae?,” [...]. All you really have to know is that its creator, Jade Wheeler, is giving one of the most mesmerizing performances in recent memory, holding the rapt audience in her sway with the power of her voice, her magnetic gaze, and her expressive movements.” 

"Wheeler’s commitment to the character shines through in her body language, down to her most minute gestures. The simplest actions, such as applying makeup or pouring a glass of champagne, serve as valuable expressions of character. "


The Theater Mirror 

“It’s a timely piece, and a wonderful showcase for the talented [Jade] Wheeler, who is a triple threat.”

Winner: Best Cabaret (United Solo Fest), Best of Boston 2019
Nominated: Best Solo Performance (Norton Awards)

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