Hello! From the Mundivagant Actor

Mundivagant (adj) - wandering over the world 

As a child, my family traveled for my father's career. I have been influenced by this broad array of humanity. My love of languages, lands, cultures, and various art forms continues to this day. 

My wanderlust led me to seek out projects up and down the East coast of the United States, as well as overseas. 

I continue to develop both as an artist and a member of the human race thanks to vigorous workshops at The Gaiety School in Dublin, Ferme de Trielle in Auvergne, Tout Pour Jouer in Paris and L'espai de L'actor in Catalonia.


My artistic mission is to collaborate with artists and playmakers, the world-over, on projects which foster empathy, challenge perspectives, while maintaining a sense of humor. 

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