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A Suffragist's Guide to the Antarctic, by Yi Shun Lai
(Audiofile Magazine Review)

And Don't Look Back, by Rebecca Barrow
(Audiofile Magazine Review)

House Gone Quiet, by  Kelsey Norris
(Library Journal Review)

Stories from the Tenants Downstairs, by Sidik Fofana
(Audiofile Magazine Review)

Thieve's Gambit, by Kayvion Lewis
(Audiofile Magazine Review)




Not About a Boy, by Myah Hollis
(Harper Audio)
        Available July 2, 2024

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Stories from the Tenants Cover Art.jpg
A Suffragist's Guide Cover Art.jpg
House Gone Quiet Cover Art.jpg
Thieves' Gambit Cover Art.jpg

One such story is “Air Space,” an in-depth character study told through the on-air banter of radio hosts, in which Wheeler’s nuanced performance highlights the dissonant parasocial relationship between the audience and their fictional hosts. House Gone Quiet, by Kelsey Norris (Library Journal)

Wheeler gives [a] particularly strong performance [...] as the train's conductor. Peaces, by Helen Oyeyemi (Audiofile Magazine)

"Jade's voice is like a soft warm cozy blanket that you just want to wrap yourself up in".  (Client)

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