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My mid timbre voice is genuine, warm, and versatile. Theatrically trained, my mezzo soprano voice sits comfortably higher and can dip surprisingly low. Your ears are in for a treat!

Clients have described my voice as: bright, "smiling", yoga-esque, honey-like, clear, and authoritative.

With a sweet spot for animation and character work, I bring grounded and rich choices (and distinct voices) to elevate storytelling.


Let's collaborate on your corporate, legal, and commercial copy. I cut through dense text and hit the perfect note to get your point across in a natural, everyday tone. 

Native American English, near-native French, proficient Dutch (Flemish), intermediate Spanish (Latin America), & novice Russian. 


 I play the role of Emma. Troubled, she calls into the talk show for advice...

TALK has
28 wins and 4 nominations!

Arlington Transit Commercial
Sincere, Empathetic, Articulate
Language: American English

Yves Rocher Commerical
Bubbly, Soft, Friendly
Language: American English

Voiceover Demo:
 Feathery,  Trustworthy, Velvety, Mellifluous
Language: American English

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